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As an exhibitor at E-world energy & water we want everything to be quick and easy for you, which is why you can access our order forms to download online.

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Special guidelines relating to the booth design

The following information, the participation conditions attached to the registration form as well as the technical guidelines of Messe Essen GmbH are the contractual basis for participating in E world energy & water.

Please pass this information on to the booth construction company commissioned by you.

  • The special guidelines relating to the booth design must be observed by all the exhibitors.
  • Booth constructions which do not comply with the following guidelines must be modified or eliminated if necessary.
  • Deviating approvals will only be granted in exceptional cases after consultation with the organiser and all the adjacent booth neighbours.

Transparent Booth Design

The booth construction must have a transparent design towards all the aisle boundaries. Any walls which border on aisles for visitors should be brightened up by the installation of displays, showcases, niches, passages and similar features. Long, closed booth structures are not authorised at aisles where over 50 % of the booth sides are closed.

Graphics, logos or displays are not allowed on the rear sides of booth perimeter walls which are directly adjacent to other exhibition booths.

We thank you for your willingness to cooperate and for your understanding that no booth neighbour or visitor would like to look at off-puttingly closed walls during the days of the fair

Please pay special attention to section 4.1 of the technical guidelines:

Stand construction safety

Stands, including all equipment and exhibits and advertising matter are to be constructed with such stability as to pose no danger to public safety and order, and in particular to life and health. The exhibitor is responsible for structural safety and must provide proof of this. Free-standing structural elements and special structures (e.g. free-standing walls, high exhibits, high decorative elements) which can fall over must be rated at least for a horizontally acting equivalent distributed load qh:

  • qh1 = 0.125 kN/m2 up to 4.00 m high from the upper edge of the floor
  • qh2 = 0.063 kN/m2 for all surfaces above 4.00 m high.

The respective elevation area is the reference area. The relevant verifications to be prepared are to be submitted to MESSE ESSEN GmbH in a form that can be examined.

Contact person

Service of Messe Essen

MESSE ESSEN Place of Events - Service

Shell scheme stand

If your company has ordered a shell scheme booth from Messe Essen, approval of stand construction is not needed. If, however, you are building a structure inside the shell scheme, have a large assembled machine, or have an individual booth, a proof of safety is required. Kindly refer to the technical guidelines point 4.1

Stand assembly/dismantling dates

Dates of stand assembly

Thu 06.2.2021 7:00–20:00 until
Mon, 08.2.2021 7:00–16:00

Residual work within the stand area until 21:00.

Dates of stand dismantling

Thursday, 11.2.2021 from 17:00 within the stand area

Entering the grounds is possible from approx. 19:30.

Fri 12.2.2021 7:00-22:00
Sat 13.2.2021, 7:00-18:00

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